7 Dance Stories About 7 Dancers

Dance is a strange little world full of massive challenges, both physical and mental, and yet the people attracted into the profession come from a wide range of places, a wide range of backgrounds and each has their own unique approach and attitude toward this business we rarely refer to as show.

We, here in TheLabâ„¢ have spent several months speaking with Natalie Trewinnard - Dancer with Ballet Lorent, Hannah Rotchell - Dancer with JV2, Chris Pavia - Dancer with Stopgap Dance Company, Nikki O'Hara - Teacher, Performer and Choreographer, Rosie Kay - AD of Rosie Kay Dance Company and Alanna and Connor from the Newcastle Centre for Advanced Training so we can tell their personal story about how they deal with the wide world of dance.

If you take a glance below you will see the logo for our very own Big Bad, Arts Council England, who were nice enough to support the creation of this work, in part, and for that we shall be forever thankful, well, maybe not forever!

A huge thank you to all the participants for giving up their time to help us put this together and the companies and groups they work with.

Published on August 14th - 2015